Because who doesn't like cute girls and Riddim?

Hey Ana! Where did you grow up, how tall are you and what's better... Riddim or Death Metal?

Ana: This little goth witch was born in Brazil and moved to the US when I was 10. Lived in Las Vegas from ages 10-15 and started high school in LA and have been here since. I’m still growing up, not in height unfortunately. I’m tiny. 5.2’ with lots of attitude. Death metal...duh

If you were stranded on a desert island, but you could only take three albums with you to listen to for the rest of your existence... what albums would you choose?
Ana: Ummm... Black by Metallica, The Doors by The Doors and The Queen is Dead by The Smiths.
What are you studying right now?
Ana: Im in Culinary School. I want to have a Michel Star one day amongst owning other restaurants :)
What's the one food you couldn't live without?
Ana: Cheese and Brazilian rice and beans with steak. 
If Vladimir Putin came to eat at your house for dinner tonight, what would you cook him?
Ana: First of all, wow what an honor. I’m his biggest fan. I would prepare child heart raviolis with virgin blood sauce topped with fresh Parmesan cheese.
All the best fresh ingredients for him. 
Where can we find you on social media?
Ana: You can find me @dahliascoven on Instagram and Twitter! 

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