Because who doesn't like cute girls and Riddim?


HEY GUYS! Where are you from and how good is Riddim?

Brigitta: I’m from Los Angeles & Riddim is the 💩 love it!!!!

Adriana: Hiii! I’m from Chicago, and fuck ya, give me all the riddim lol



What’s your favorite festival that you’ve attended?

Brigitta: Nocturnal 2015 because it was my first rave and I went all out by camping for 4 days and honestly sleeping maybe 7 hours all 4 days

Adriana: I was lucky enough to go to EDC China last year and it was sick



What do you do for work?

Brigitta: I am an executive assistant for two companies :)

Adriana: I dance for SuicideGirls, Blackheart Burlesque and Insomniac as well as sell merch on tour for a few artists. I also manage a vegan taco shop on Melrose when I’m in LA


What’s your go to game of choice at the moment?

Brigitta: I actually only played video games when I was little and my favorite game was “Hunter” which was a hunting zombie game and it’s still the best game that existed

Adriana: Honestly, I stay on Mortal Kombat...


What’s in your Spotify playlist right now?

Brigitta: Nothing because I use YouTube music HAHA

Adriana: Big fan of Ryan Browne! Non edm, I’ve been listening to Amigo The Devil lately. I like to keep it weird!

What destinations are on your bucket list that you’ve haven’t visited yet?

Brigitta: Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Maldives, Bahamas, Amsterdam, Ireland

Adriana: Dying to go to Europe and really keen on going to Cuba to see some cool, old cars

Where can we find you on social media?

Brigitta: My social media is @briggieb101 & I like to model for music videos :)

Adriana: You can find me on Instagram at @snottyantelope :)


Photos by @stassie.v (Instagram)
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