INFEKT 01: Food for thought


I get a lot of people asking me how to stay motivated, how not to get stuck on a writer’s block for months not being able to make music, how not to get frustrated with yourself when you just can’t seem to get anywhere with a project.

I have 3 pieces of advice for every producer that struggles with this:


1. Stop telling yourself that you’re on a writer’s block

It’s much harder to get back on track when you constantly have a negative mindset right when you’re opening a project. Don’t tell yourself that you’re going to “try” to get out of your writer’s block. Take a short break from producing when you feel frustrated, watch some tutorials or a random video on youtube and come back to your project and repeat these two steps until you get somewhere.



2. You don’t need to make a banger every time you open your DAW

Not every track you work on, not every project you start needs to be the best track in history or even the best track you’ve ever made. Remind yourself of why you started to produce in the first place. Remind yourself of how much fun you used to have when you were just playing around with different effects and synths. This also leads me to my next piece of advice.



3. Experiment

This one is kind of self explanatory. Play around with things you haven’t used before. Discover new ways to make sounds, discover options and functions in effects that you’ve never seen before. Look at the list of available effects or instruments in your DAW and try something that you haven’t tried yet and see where it takes you.


Don’t forget that you’re making music for yourself first and foremost, to express yourself and to have fun. Think about it!


Much love,