INFEKT 03: Mistakes

We all make mistakes. All of us. No exception. I’ve learned that the key in life and what makes successful people different from the rest is that they constantly look at what they might be doing wrong and think about ways to fix it. Truly successful and happy people don’t insist that what they’re doing is always right, they’re open to see their own mistakes and correct them. Of course you cannot always be doubting yourself, but a healthy amount of introspection is extremely important.

In my opinion, self improvement should be everyone’s goal every day. To become a better person doesn’t only benefit yourself, but also the people around you. There will be setbacks, but if you look back at where you came from, I think you will notice that it was all worth it.

The interesting part is that you can not only learn from your own mistakes, but you can also look at the ones that others make and think about what you can take away from it. How can you do things differently? There’s no point in being sad about what happened in the past, you can simply not change it. The only thing you can do is to look at it and think about how you can do it better next time.

Much love,
Christian / INFEKT