INFEKT 02: The impact of eating healthy


One thing that had a huge impact on my life was the realization that eating healthy will be beneficial for all kinds of things I do every day and for eventually reaching my goals!


When it comes to reaching your goals no matter if it’s a music career or something else, what really matters isn’t that one day in your life where you spent 10 hours working on a track or that one time where you went to the gym for 2 hours. It’s about the time you dedicate towards getting there every single day and it can be as little as one hour per day. In a month that’s 30 hours already, 360 in a year! And to set yourself up right for that time you spend, eating healthy is really important to have the required amount of energy and focus on the long run.

This of course isn’t the only factor, but I found it to be one of the biggest, not only for the time I spend working on music, but also when traveling etc. One of my favorite simple healthy meals is to put some rice in a rice cooker, steam some veggies, maybe add hummus if I feel fancy and voila! Simple, quick and delicious.