Code:Pandorum - Behind The Mask


How old are you?

When did you start producing?
Should be 8 years ago now.

What daw do you use?
FL Studio and Bitwig from time to time. 

What got you into dubstep/deathstep?
I grew up with hard music like Angerfist (to name a well known Artist) means I always was into Electronic Music. Later on I listened to a lot Metal and eventually someone showed me Guided Relaxation Dub by Borgore. Mantis, Bratkilla and Sadhu showed me the harder side of this interesting genre of music and well… the rest is history 

Are you planning on touring the US?
Working hard with my team to make it happen really soon… 

Recently you unveiled a new mask. How much time did it take you to come up with the concept and then getting it made? 
I worked on the whole concept for around a year (since my last LP Videodrome). I experienced alot in this time and had to "clean up the canvas". Everyone has their own devil and pictures him different. 

Your absolute favorite song
Tool - Shism

How has the Penumbra EP release been so far?
Honestly I'm amazed by the feedback so far. People tell me it's helping them through rough situations in life is an incredible feeling. Also shoutout again to the Disciple fam for the professionalism and great work! 

Anything you wanna say to you fans?
Brace yourself for what's coming. 



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