Hello, and welcome to our first installment of “EDM Cheez”, your source for the up to date dissection of classic and new age memes in the EDM world!
To kick things off we are going to cover the infamous “COPY PASTA”
A “COPY PASTA”, is a phrase or body of text which is copy and pasted over and over, often times in comment sections online. The goal of this meme is to completely take the attention away from the original point or meaning of the content by rapidly injecting stupidity and comedy into the discussion.
A great example of a “COPY PASTA” is in the comments section of our latest track “Juice”.

As you can see, the phrase “lol sounds like chodegang” has been adopted as the COPY PASTA, in an effort to take away from the validity or value of the original content posted.

The best thing you can do if you find yourself on the opposite end of a COPY PASTA is to play along (as seen below) because science has yet to find a proper defense for such a potent meme

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lol sounds like chodegang

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As you can see, by adopting the meme as your own, you can command and conquer any comments section.


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