Bandlez: Hey Pat, Vishal from Bandlez here. How do get girlfriend?
Start showing girls your tax bill.

 Michal: Important question: cute girls or hot girls?
I go for cute. Cute can be hot but hot struggles to fit in the “cute” category I find.

 Kyle: How do I get my girlfriend to start listening to and enjoying dubstep 🤔
Play good dubstep... if she doesn’t wanna know after listening to VR... it’s not for her bud.

Eliminate: Pat - it’s nate. Look man it’s gotten to the point where I can’t maintain having this many girlfriends anymore. Like I literally can’t even keep track of them. I’m drowning over here, any advice?
Give all of them a kendama and a day of the week,
Of which you will spend an hour with each of them.... it’ll be like the bachelor but with kendamas instead of roses

 Wessel: How? Just how


Angel: I miss my ex GF a bit , how I can forgot about it 😢
You need a hobby.
Get in to kendama. 


John: I keep getting a lot of tinder matches but they never go anywhere. Any way to overcome this?
Tinder is whack dude. Stay in get in with the less online girls, you know the ones you can buy a drink for...or a frozen yogurt.

Cameron: Hey Pat I have a crush on this girl. Should I ask her out by putting on Facebook that I’m in a relationship with her?
Holy Christ on a bike,
NO.... that’s probably illegal in some countries

Isai: What if she doesn't answer me "haha" when I say "weed"?
Then it was obviously never meant to be bro.


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